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May 8, 2009

Oh No, Gotta Go! by Susan Middleton Elya, Illustrated by G. Brian Karas

If you want to expose your child to a foreign language, but you don't really speak one...this is a great book. It's written mostly in English with some Spanish words woven cleverly into the story. If you took Spanish in high school, you'll be totally fine with the words even if all you can remember is "donde esta el bano?" In fact, that's a key phrase that appears in the book! If you don't know a lick of Spanish, I still think you will be fine. There's a pronounciation guide in the back to help you out.

The story is of a little girl and her parents out for a drive. Of course, she suddenly needs a potty and the parents search desperately to help her find a bathroom in time. I like how Elya rhymes English words with Spanish ones, for instance, rhyming school with azul (blue) and lo siento (I'm sorry) with I meant to. The illustrations are quite bella (beautiful) and the story will hold your child's attention for sure.

Oh, and if you need more convincing, ben has asked me no less than 5 times if I have reviewed this one on the blog yet...he REALLY liked it. Here it is, ben!!

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