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May 23, 2009

If you are like me, you are always looking for a way to get books for cheap! Yesterday, we went to chik-fil-a for lunch and discovered that the prize in the kids meal was a mini maisy board book. I figure if you are going out to eat and plan on feeding your child lunch anyways, you might as well get a book along with the food. :) I love that chik-fil-a usually puts books in their kids meals rather than some cheap plastic toy. I mention this prize in particular because Juliet is a HUGE fan of Maisy and all her friends. Maisy was a bigger hit than the french fries. And there ain't too much that beats french fries.

You have to look at the menu board--where the kid's meals are listed to see what the prizes are that week. The maisy book was actually the toy for "children 3 and under" and you have to request it otherwise, you get some sort of DK book--which is also a good choice, but maisy is just irresistible to juliet. Had to get it even though, it really is meant for a much younger child. I figure she can read it to her dolls.
We only own two other Maisy books by Lucy Cousins: Maisy Goes Shopping and Maisy's Pool (both of which were found at goodwill.) but we have checked out several from the library.

Maisy's Bedtime was a big hit--we will probably check it out again. Juliet likes the part where Maisy sings a lullaby to panda. Sometimes I catch her singing to her stuffed animals, 'hush-a-bye, rock-a-bye, hush-a-bye bear." Very sweet.

Included with the board book was a little piece of paper inviting me to

I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised! If you're child loves maisy as much as juliet does, you will really like what this site has to offer: lots of fun free stuff and of course, books you can buy as well.
Printable coloring sheets of maisy and her friends

Printable and Online games

Digital maisy books to read online

Bookshelf--where you can buy maisy books

Instructions for fun recipes and crafts

Gallery--where you can submit your child's maisy artwork by mail and then in 6 to 8 weeks you can find it posted online. We are definitely going to do that!

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