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May 6, 2009

It's Spring! by Linda Glaser, Illustrated by Susan Swan

After one reading of this book, Juliet ran out of the house one morning and exclaimed, "It's spring!"

This book celebrates the beauty of spring: snow melting, creeks flowing, puddle splashing, leaf buds, fresh air, bugs, robins cheeping, baby ducks, daffodils, gardens, peepers, and bullfrogs, and dandelions.

We have both been excited for spring this year after being cooped up all winter. Juliet is fond of saying to me, "what a beautiful spring garden we have, mommy." She has learned the names of a lot of flowers and REALLY loves finding earthworms to put on her "hook" (finger). This book helps amp your child up even more for the new season.

Activity Ideas: (courtesy of linda glaser, found at the back of the book)

• Take the hair out of your hairbrush and put it outside for a bird to use to line its nest.

• Watch newly hatched birds in their nest.

• Put up a bird feeder and feed the birds.

• Listen to birds singing. Try to identify them by their calls.

• Collect some earthworms. (juliet's favorite) Put them in a large jar with moist, not wet, dirt. Wrap black construction paper around the jar. Every day, unwrap the black paper and watch the earthworms tunneling. After a few days, put the earthworms back outside.

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