grey mouse

May 25, 2009

Grey Mouse by Anke de Vries, Illlustrated by Willemien Min

This is a really sweet book. A little mouse feels blue and decides to color herself a different color to cheer herself up. She tries out green, but the frog laughs at her, paints on polka dots, but the lady bugs flies away, and tries stripes, but just gets snickers from the zebra. After painting flowers on herself and getting chased by a swarm of bees, she jumps in a pond and is back to her grey self. At that point, another little mouse comes out, followed by others who then ask grey mouse to play with them. In the end, she is still grey, but doesn't feel blue anymore.

Juliet loves it when the bees chase the mouse--she's very fascinated with bees right now. Mostly she chases them rather than the other way around.

Activity Idea: Draw an outline of your child and let her paint it in whatever color or pattern she wants.

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