elusive moose

May 2, 2009

Elusive Moose by Joan Gannij, Illustrated by Clare Beaton

Animal books are always a favorite with juliet--this one focuses on animals from the northern lands--the places where moose live. (Canada, Alaska, Maine, Finland, Norway, and Russia)

Animals you'll meet in this book include beavers, marmots, moles, geese, brown bear, caribou deer, badgers, eagles, cranes, grouse, squirrels, arctic foxes, hares, and of course, MOOSE.

Since we don't live in "the northern lands," this was a fun way to expose juliet to some new animals. Although, some of these are common in non-northern land areas as well. The second page of the book has a little mole on top of a molehill--juliet saw him and pointed excitedly at it saying, "look! it's a mole!" The reason she was so excited is because just the day before, we found a baby mole roaming around our flower beds in our backyard. She had never seen a mole before, so we followed it around for a bit until it disappeared underneath our neighbor's fence.

The back of the book has extra information about each of the featured animals and a page showing some animal tracks in the snow. Juliet enjoyed trying to figure out just who had made the tracks.

The illustrations are so beautiful in this book--the images are cut felt and fabric embellished with tiny sequins and embroidery stitches. The moose is hiding throughout the book, so your child will have fun searching for him and pointing him out.

Activity Idea: Make your own animal book in the same style as this one. Cut out animal shapes and have your child glue them down on pages. If your child is old enough to handle scissors to cut felt and fabric himself, let him have a go at it! Provide buttons, sequins, and other trimmings for him to embellish his pages with. You could choose a habitat that you want to learn more about such as the rain forest, arctic, desert, or ocean OR make a book about the animals in your own backyard.

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