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May 11, 2009

My Cats Nick & Nora by Isabelle Harper, Illustrated by Barry Moser
"Every Sunday when my cousin Emmie comes over to my house, the first thing we do is go find Nick and Nora."
Juliet was intrigued by this book--the two little cats try their best not to be found by the little girls, but to no avail. They get caught and forced to "learn their lessons" (playing school), get dressed up all fancy for their birthday party, and take a walk in a baby carriage.
At one point, the neighborhood tomcat, Fluffy, chases Nick and Nora away. The little girls won't give up, though. They open up a can of friskies cat food and lure the kitties back. Then it is time for their nap and they all fall asleep in a pile together. This kitty/little girl nap pile is Juliet's favorite part. I think she wishes Penny would curl up with her for nap time. For now though, Penny is smart and fast enough to keep her distance.

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