three little kittens

April 14, 2009

Three Little Kittens Illustrated by Lilian Obligado

I had this book as a child. The last time I was at my parents' house, I managed to save it from the crazed attic purging that was going on. (hi mom.) Juliet fell in love with it right away. It's the classic nursery rhyme, "three little kittens, they lost their mittens, and they began to cry," etc... She loves it because it's a catchy rhyme and kittens are crying. For some reason that is funny to her. But the other reason she likes it, I think, is because the illustrations are so good. There are so many little details that capture her attention: the cats are wearing rain boots (awesomeness), they have mittens that are attached by a string (double awesomeness), and they each get to eat their own pie out in the snow (beyond comprehension awesomeness).

The other day, we were in the kitchen making lunch when I shooed Penny away from the food. Juliet, our resident cat law enforcer, was right on it. She ran up to penny, shook her finger and said, "penny! you shall have no pie!!!" then she thought about that for a second and added, "and no chips." a second more. "AND no bread." then she walked away very satisfied with her ruling.

Poor penny, a very naughty kitty, who shall have no pie. and no chips. and no bread.

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MoziEsmé said...

Too funny! Esme is quite the little cat dictator, too - she's constantly telling the cat, "If you meow one more time, I'm going to throw you right out the door!" (which she got from her Pappa) But she's never made the pie/food connection! Poor kitty...

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