ten dogs in the window

April 15, 2009

Ten Dogs in the Window by Claire Masurel, Illustrated by Pamela Paparone

I've been away from my computer this week, so I apologize for not getting the "favorite book of the week" up sooner! We got this one at the library and it has quickly become juilet's favorite. The cover says it is a "countdown" book as it starts with 10 dogs in the window and counts down one by one as someone comes to take each dog home.

"10 dogs in the window for the whole wide world to see. Look, someone is coming..." (here juliet points excitedly to the prospective owner, her favorite being the man holding a pink ice cream cone.) "You're the perfect dog for me!" Each dog looks a little like the person who comes to take him home. (long hair hippie takes the shaggy dog, clown takes the poodle, etc) The last puppy is adopted by a little boy and his family and the final page shows the pet store owner filling the window with, what else? 10 cats.

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