sometimes moon

April 3, 2009

Sometimes Moon by Carole Lexa Shaefer, Illustrated by Pierr Morgan

This book begins with, "Grandpa says, "The moon waxes and wanes, wanes and waxes. Did you know?" I know. I always look out for Moon." Little Selene explains her understanding of the moon as she describes how it appears to change shapes throughout the month. She compares each phase with something concrete in her world: a dory boat, a knitting basket, and a baby's chubby cheeks. Like the little girl in Shaefer's book, The Squiggle, Selene has a big imagination which is beautifully illustrated by Morgan yet again. Juliet loves the moon and is always quick to point it out in the sky and in books. Lately, she has been saying, "look, the moon is daddy."everytime she sees a big round moon in a book...i'm guessing she thinks ben's bald head is very shiny, round and moon like. sorry ben.

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