rock it, sock it, number line

April 17, 2009

Rock It, Sock It, Number Line by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson, Illustrated by Heather Cahoon

The illustrations are so whimsical and fun in this book--i'll have to look for more by Heather Cahoon. Basically, the numbers 1 through 10 land in a garden and have a rockin' party with all the vegetables. Juliet likes to point out all the numbers and tell me what they are doing--"look! seven is basking in the sun with a tomato!" (yes, she really says "bask." but only because she's heard me read it from the page so many times.) She also likes yelling out the refrain, "rock it, it sock it, number line! numbers and veggies--PARTY TIME!!" at the top of her lungs. because really, what says party more than numbers and veggies? The last page has the little boy and girl (king and queen of the garden) eating bowls of veggie soup. Will this book make your child love math and eat all her vegetables? probably not, but it's worth a try.

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