pest fest

April 27, 2009

Pest Fest By Julia Durango, Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus
If your child likes bugs, this is a great one. The illustrations are really good--all the standard favorites are here: lady bugs, butterflies, honey bees, fireflies, crickets, praying mantis, etc... along with some not so standard, carpet beetles, and cicadas. (we've read a lot of bug books because juliet is REALLY into them.)
In this book, a contest is held to see who is the "pest of the year." A housefly sees all the other "more talented" bugs showing off and feels unable to compete, but in the end of course, learns that she is the peskiest of all and wins the title of "pest of the year." Juliet loves screaming, "PEST FEST! PEST FEST!" with the carpet beetle. She likes screaming anything, really, but "pest fest" seems to be particularly enjoyable.
check out julia durango's blog: threesillychicks

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