April 20, 2009

Gossie by Olivier Dunrea
"Gossie is a gosling. A small yellow gosling who likes to wear bright red boots. Every day."
The allure here is obvious: bright red boots. When juliet was 17 months old, she spotted a pair of pink kitty cat rain boots at target. I handed them to her, as I was in the habit of doing up until that point--taking something off the shelf for her to play with while I shopped, then putting it back before we left. When it came time to leave the store that day, I reached for the boots and said, "okay, now it's time to put them back..." at which point she let out an outraged scream, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Try as I might, I could not convince her to leave the boots at the store. So, of course, we brought them home with us. If I let her, she would, just like gossie, wear those bright pink boots. every day.
In this book, gossie wears her bright red boots all over the farm until one day she wakes up and they are missing. She looks everywhere, but cannot find them. One page shows her standing bootless and a single tear rolling out of her eye. The text says, "They [the boots] were gone. Gossie was heartbroken." Juliet was very intrigued by this page. So much so that she incorporated the word "heartbroken" into her vocabulary almost immediately. Any time something, "sad" happens (she doesn't get to have a piece of candy, she bumps her knee, she can't wear her kitty cat boots to bed, etc) she scrunches up her face, looks up at me or ben and says, 'ohhhhhhhh...i'm heart-broken...." in the saddest, little voice possible. And of course, we find it so cute, that we ohh and ahh all over her and ask her if she will make it. Eventually, she nods her head and says, "i'm going to make it, mama." and then runs off happy as before. There are several "Gossie" books by this author, but this one is by far our favorite.

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