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April 29, 2009

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes

So, I just realized that Kevin Henkes not only writes, but illustrates! This is our favorite book of the week for sure.

The story is of a little yellow bird, a white dog, a red fox, and a brown squirrel who all have bad days for various reasons. The bird loses a feather, the fox can't find his mother, etc. then something happens to each of them to turn things around and change their perspective. Joining the animals at the end of the book is a little girl who finds the lost tail feather, tucks it behind her ear and skips into her house yelling, "mama! what a good day!"

Juliet has talked about this book a lot this week. One afternoon while we were playing outside, she suddenly turned around and said, " and then I turned around and there was my mother!" (which is what happens to the little fox in the story.) She did this several more times, turning around, looking at me and repeating the phrase.

Yesterday, when we got home from the zoo, she looked up and me and said, "mama! what a good day!" A good day indeed.

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