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April 2, 2009

We went to goodwill today on a book hunt. Usually, we find really good stuff there. Here's a shot of today's loot.
Cool Time Song, by Carole Lexa Shaefer--a favorite author of ours

Secret Valentine by Laura Damon--don't know anything about it, but it has mice and valentines, which are two things juliet loves.

Sea Monsters of Long Ago by Millicent E. Selsam, Illustrated by John Hamberger--First of all, if something is written by someone named "Millicent" i'm buying it. Secondly, if a guy named John Hamberger drew the pictures, I'm DEFINITELY buying it. Thirdly, I had this one when I was a kid and could not resist it!!! I don't know what juliet will think of it--might save it for later, but it was a favorite of mine--the illustrations are so amazing in this book--especially if you love sea monsters and dinosaurs. which i definitely do.

The three books on the right are another great vintage find. They are from the Baby's First Golden Book series. I first learned about these when my friend Dawn sent me a bunch of her childhood books for juliet to have. She sent a couple of these and I loved them. They are made of plastic, so they are nice for younger babies to look at and chew on, etc... You can wipe them clean very easily and you don't have to worry about your child ripping the pages up. Juliet is a little too old for these now, but I got them for our next baby. I love the illustrations in these--I think they are so beautiful. The ones we found today are How Big is Baby?, Baby Listens, and The Little Book all illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. If you find some of these in a used bookstore or thrift shop, snatch them up! They're great!

A peek at the inside.


Becky said...

I remember the Little Golden Books! My grandma had tons of them! I wonder what happened to them?

Antmusic said...

WOW! Holy COW! I have a lot of Millicent E. Selsam's books for my kids, but I don't have "Sea Monsters of Long Ago"... but the cover brought a FLASH of memories! I KNOW that I read that when I was little!

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