thesaurus rex

March 24, 2009

Thesaurus Rex by Laya Steinberg, illustrated by Debbie Harter

A lovable dinosaur, a thesaurus rex, to be exact "starts his day stretching, reaching, extending, and bending." Juliet enjoyed watching him "frolic, rollick, frisk, and romp." At the end, when he is getting "bundled, covered, and tucked in tight" by his mom, she likes to repeat that he will have "happy dreams tonight. " She has also mentioned to me a few times as I am tucking her in at night that she will have "happy dreams tonight, mama." Dinosaurs and synonyms are a good mix. I haven't heard juliet use any of these new words yet, but she did announce quite loudly to me yesterday, "mama, I eat my dinner raw!!!" Of all the words in the book, "raw" is the one that stuck. I love my little t-rex.

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