red truck

March 25, 2009

Red Truck by Kersten Hamilton, Illustrated by Valeria Petrone

We go to the library every week and check out about twenty books or so. This is the only one juliet has ever checked out more than once. We had it for a week, took it back and then, a few days later, she asked me for it. I told her it was at the library and we would have to wait till we went back to get it. I didn't mention it again, but sure enough, when we went back to the library, she said to me, "now, we can get Red Truck, mama." So we did, of course. Kept it for two weeks this time. She LOVES seeing red truck save the day by driving through the muck and slush to rescue the stuck school bus. At the end, she likes to say the last lines quite emphatically, "our hero for a rainy day is...RED TRUCK!"

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Julia's Bookbag said...

omg! Julia LOVED LOVED LOVED this book last year!!!

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